The Usual Suspects of Rebellious Fashion and the New Recruits

When you think about the names of designers that are notorious for making garments with the intent to attract attention and awe, the usual suspects are Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Karl Langerfield, Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui and last but not least, Alexander McQueen. All are designers who think outside of the box and have a rebellious approach to fashion design. However, because McQueen is one of my favorites I am singling him out of the line-up and adding him to my most wanted list. He is being charged with having the extraordinary ability to deconstruct a garment and make it come to life with a new form.

McQueen known for fashion that causes controversy, has a huge following and is down right stunning. Every collection he sends down the runway causes a bit of shock and always wows the crowd. Without a doubt he is rebellious and outside of the normal fashion realm. According to, “Alexander McQueen is the quintessential bad boy made good.” His designs have ranged from vampire chic to fierce tartan plaids. Taking inspiration from an elk tree in his garden, McQueen invented a story for his Fall ’08 Collection that transformed into a fashion journey of a princess in darkness coming of age to her crowning as queen. The collection was, of course, a masterpiece designed with a royal touch.

When considering who might be the next McQueen, one name pops to mind: Christian Siriano. Christian Siriano was the winner of Bravo’s Project Runway Season Four. At a young age Siriano was encouraged to express himself in creative ways. He began designing and dressing people at age 13. After studying at the Baltimore School for the Arts and the American Intercontinental University in London he moved state side. Since winning the show, he has gone on to design for Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum.

His designs are very McQueen, which should be no surprise being that Siriano landed a coveted internship with McQueen, while in studying in England and whom he has stated is his favorite designer. Siriano sent belted pirate coats; multi layered confection type dresses and a chocolate brown and cream organza puff dress down the runway this Fall.

Without a doubt, Siriano could be the next McQueen-esq. Designer, a compliment not bestowed to many at his very young age. Time will tell if he can take the coveted spot of most wanted rebellious designer. He certainly is well on his way. Keep your eyes open for press about his comings and goings. You never know when Siriano might bump some of the competition out of the way.