The Best Ways To Achieve Those Coveted Makeup Looks

Makeup it seems has never been more popular. With so many definitive guides to the ‘best’ products out there, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and employ a more simple approach when it comes to creating these two coveted makeup looks.

Britain has been a huge focus of the entire world recently. We hosted the Olympics and celebrated the Royal Wedding and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so figures such as Kate Middleton have really brought the English Rose look back into the spotlight. This look may seem fairly underwhelming; however, the way in which the subtlety of this look is handled can make it go from average to beautiful. To achieve the perfect English Rose look for your clients, start by letting their lips to do the talking. It looks lovely to go for a relatively bright shade of pink on the lips, preferably with a more matte finish. Use a natural looking foundation and pair it with soft pink blusher. Shimmer effect blusher also looks great when it comes to the English Rose look. For the eyes, use one to two shades of light pink shadow. Again, shimmer effects look lovely, particularly when paired with a fine line or black or brown eyeliner. A fine line is best achieved with good quality gel eye line applied with a decent, fine liner brush. Viola!

The smoky eye look is also a look that has never gone out of fashion. This look is best achieved with colours in silver and grey hues, using black to line the eyes. Start by using a highlight shadow in very light pink or clear and shimmery and apply it to the brow bone. Tap the brush along the brow bone for best results. Then, blend a shimmery shadow in grey or silver. Start at the corners of the eyes and blend the shadow half way in, then up and out. This creates a sexy, smoky effect. Line the lower lashes with a black eye shadow to really make those eyes pop out, and then use an eye pencil to line around three quarters of the upper lid. Dash a small amount of black eye shadow over the eyes and there you have it, your customer will be good to go but will definitely be coming back! Pair this look with a cute nude lip so the look isn’t too much. Let the eyes do all the talking!